Join El Paso Ghost Tours on our downtown tour for a historical and paranormal experience that will not be forgotten. Our paranormal investigation experience begins as we give you a bit of history on the locations that we will be visiting. From there, the lights go off and our investigation begins.  

PLEASE BE FOREWARNED: Anything can happen at this point!  Guests have been scratched, touched, and made to feel ill. Past locations have included the Hotel Gardner, Insights Science Museum, the Palace Saloon, and the former law office of John Wesley Hardin.  

Can we guarantee that you will see a ghost, get touched, etc?  No, we cannot.  As is the case in a real investigation, paranormal activity is not guaranteed.  Each location we take our guests into, however, have documented incidents of activity!

 "Please scroll down below to see the our locations".


Location 1


Imperio Real, Boutique and Bridal Shop


101 N. Mesa St.

El Paso, TX 



In the 1800's this building was know as the Acme Saloon, The Famous Outlaw, Gunfighter John Wesley Hardin came to this location as one of his regular stops. This is also the same location where he's life was taken. On August 19th 1895 John Wesley Hardin was shot and killed by John Selman Sr. Hardin was one of the most dangerous outlaws in this time, Hardin claimed to have already killed 42 men, but newspapers of the day had attributed only 27 killings to him up to that point.




Location 2



Nolita Corner Bistro, Located in the Centre Court Building


420 E. San Antonio Ave

El Paso, TX 



We will add the history soon as we get more information











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